Voltran Ekol Firat Magnum noise gun


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Ekol Firat Magnum is a signal and noise pistol from the Turkish company Voltran. Firat Magnum is a new product in our online store.

The pistol has an external resemblance to the Italian Beretta 92FS. The ammunition used is a 9mm pistol blank cartridge. Magazine capacity is 17 rounds + 1 (in the chamber). The pistol has a weight of 1.125 kg with overall dimensions: length 210 mm, width 40 mm, height 138 mm. The body is made of alloy.

The barrel of the pistol is made of steel and is capped with a steel pin so that the pistol is not classified as combat or traumatic. At the end of the barrel there is a plastic orange plug that serves as an indicator that this is a pistol to sound an audible signal. Throttle holes for the exit of powder gases are located on both sides of the barrel.

The Firat Magnum is equipped with a safety lock to prevent accidental release of the trigger. It has two positions “F” (Fire) and “S” (Safety).

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