Beeman Commander .177 with optics


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The Beeman Commander is a new PCP air rifle that was prototyped to the world at the 2019 Shot Show in Las Vegas. This model works on the principle of pre-injection of air into a special inflatable reservoir, the air supply from which during the shooting is carried out in portions. There is no need to worry about constantly pumping up weapons or changing cylinders, since one full filling of the tank allows you to fire up to 100 shots. It uses a native 10-round magazine for 4.5 mm and 5.5 mm caliber.

The 1517 Beeman Commander PCP air rifle has a classic style with a hardwood stock that fits comfortably in the hand and has an aesthetically pleasing appearance. The rifled steel barrel ensures high shooting accuracy. The rifle is equipped with open-type sights - an aiming bar and a front sight with photosensitive inserts. The presented model is perfect for entertaining shooting and improving the skills of working with weapons in general.

Initial speed, m/s: 335

Airguns: PCP Rifles (preloaded)

Fuse: Manual

Country of origin: China

Number of shots from one gas station: up to 100

Muzzle Thread: No

Barrel length, cm: 62.2

Overall length, cm: 109.2

Country of Origin: USA

Weight: 4.55 kg

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