Beeman Black Bear .177


  • Brands Beeman
  • Product Code: 1429.07.20
  • Availability: In Stock

The Beeman Black Bear air rifle is considered a simplified version of the popular Wolverine line.

A single-shot air rifle designed for firing 4.5 mm lead bullets. The rifle is equipped with a spring-piston mechanism, which is cocked by a fracture of the barrel.

From the classic Wolverine model, the Black Bear model differs in updated sights, which ensures comfortable aiming even in conditions of insufficient visibility.

Thanks to the use of shock-resistant plastic in the design of the stock and butt, the rifle is not afraid of sudden temperature changes, high humidity and is less susceptible to chips and cracks than wooden stocks.

Also, in the Beeman Black Bear rifle, the safety is moved to the upper part of the receiver.

The model is equipped with a non-adjustable buttplate, which is designed to soften the impact at the time of the shot (recoil) and increase the stability of the weapon when aiming.

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