Underpants Thermowave Gaga 2XL black


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Thermowave GAGA fabric, woven from special polypropylene yarn, is perfect for active sports. Products made of this fabric are very soft, warm, light, fit nicely to the body and perfectly protect against the external influence of the environment.

Thermowave GAGA is best worn at -15°C.

The main properties of odezhdyThermowave GAGA:

Lets moisture into the outer layers, the body remains dry

SILVER PROTECTION™ antibacterial treatment stops the spread of bacteria, creates a feeling of freshness and prevents the appearance of unpleasant odors

Very good air permeability

Dries quickly

Special seams do not irritate the skin

Easy care

Underpants for cold weather. They will provide the necessary comfort in frosty weather.

- made of 100% polypropylene

- adjacent silhouette

- flat seams do not irritate the skin

- dries quickly

- perfectly evaporates moisture

- does not restrict movement

IMPORTANTLY! So that you don't freeze and sweat during sports, work or active recreation, you need to dress appropriately.

Thermal underwear

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