Traumatic pistols

Fort-9Р  .9 mm P.A.


Fort-9Р .9 mm P.A.


    Traumatic pistol "Fort-9R" is designed for concealed carrying as a weapon of self-defense for civilians. Feature of the traumatic gun "Fort-9R" is the all-metal frame providing high durability of a design and durability of a p..

Device Vii-19 cal. 9 mm. Black

Device Vii-19 cal. 9 mm. Black


We present the "hottest" novelty on the market of traumatic weapons - special device Viy 19!Many gun lovers will immediately recognize the features of the well-known Beretta 84 FS pistol in this copy, and they will be absolutely right. Indeed, the Vi..

Special device Erma "TT-T" cal. 9 mm R.A.

Special device Erma "TT-T" cal. 9 mm R.A.


This model of a special device from the Erma-Inter company differs from other attempts to remake the legendary TT by minimal modifications and reliability. The pistol fires non-lethal ammunition in 9 mm R.A. caliber. Accordingly, the magazine with a ..

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