Traumatic Revolver SAFARI 820G, beech


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New modification of the revolver: a steel drum designed for firing 9 PA pistol cartridges.

The steel parts of the revolver trigger determine its high warranty life - 5 thousand shots.

Black body, handle

Caliber – 9 mm,

Revolver weight without cartridges - 0.7+0.015 kg

The weight of the loaded revolver is 0.9 kg.

Overall dimensions, mm:

- length: 176.0+1.0

- width: 37.0+2.0

- height: 116.0+1.0

Barrel length – 51.0+0.5 mm

Trigger force with pre-moving trigger, 24.5(2.5)+2.94(0.3) N(kgf)

The length of the trigger stroke is 23-5.0 mm.

Drum capacity – 6 rounds

Effective firing range – 3.5-10.0 m

The flight speed of a bullet at a distance of 3.5 m from the muzzle of the barrel is 300+_20 m/s.

Minimum firing range at a living creature, 3.5 m

Scattering diameter when shooting at a distance of 5 m – no more than 100 mm

The reloading principle is a drum thrown to the side. Double action steel trigger mechanism.

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