Traumatic cartridge Ecologist "Teren-12K" cal. 12/70 elastic buckshot


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Cartridge Ecologist "Teren-12K" cal. 12/70 elastic buckshot - these are cartridges of shock-traumatic action, the purpose of which is self-defense, in the event of a real threat to life. The use of such cartridges temporarily suppresses the psycho-volitional stability of the attacker and

For self-loading guns, they should not be used due to insufficient energy for reloading. Recall that a clean barrel increases the effective range of the cartridges.

In case of use, it is prohibited: to shoot at distances of less than 5 m from the muzzle of the weapon to a person; in the head, neck, genitals, mammary glands in women. Damaged ammo and expired ammo cannot be used either.

Country of manufacture: Ukraine

Manufacturer: Ecologist

Caliber : 12/70

Length: 65±1.8mm

Diameter: 21.97…22.45

Shot charge mass: 0.26±0.05 g

Effective range of application: 5…15 m

Bullet flight speed at 3.5m from the muzzle: 280±20 m/s

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