T-shirt with a long sleeve Long sleeve Gen3 Tundra


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Long sleeve Gen3 Tundra men's t-shirt made of elastic material. The longsleeve is made of a combination of 90% cotton and 10% elastane. Fabric with a density of 230 g/m2. The product sits comfortably on the figure, to the extent of the free cut. Longsleeves are comfortable and practical clothes for every day, for trips to nature, sports and other outdoor activities.

Cotton maintains a comfortable temperature by absorbing moisture and releasing excess steam. You won't feel overheated because the fabric has breathable properties. For sports, this will be a great option for clothing that does not restrict movement. Also, in people with sensitive skin, the Long sleeve Gen3 Tundra men's t-shirt will not cause an allergic reaction. Thanks to elastane threads and high-quality tailoring, the product will not lose its shape after regular wear and washing. The thing will retain its original appearance for many seasons.

Sizes: S / XL

Features of the Long sleeve Gen.3 Tundra t-shirt:

Moderately loose cut;

Does not constrain movements;

Stretches well;

Breathes well;

Dries quickly.

Material: 90% cotton and 10% elastane, density 230 g/m2.

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