Swiza D04 Red


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This model is the best in the model range of folding knives "SWIZA", and has the most functionality.

A knife, an awl, openers, screwdrivers, a knife and a whole range of additional tools - all this is well combined with the highest level of quality, a unique stylish and modern design and a reliable construction, all elements of which are patented by the brand.

Buying a Swiza folding knife of this model is equivalent to buying a multifunctional tool for all occasions.


super hard blade made of "Stainless Steel" steel with a hardness of 57HRC (exactly the same steel is used in all add-ons)

ergonomic silicone handles

the brand's patented safety lock system for the blade

reliable construction

resistance of the used materials to mechanical or acid influences

high quality and low price

tools: knife, awl, punch, tweezers, #1 screwdriver, #3 screwdriver, #1 Phillips screwdriver, bottle opener, wire bender, canning knife, blade safety lock

length of the knife when open (mm): 175

blade length (mm): 75

blade width (mm): 15

blade thickness (mm): 2

Folding knife
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