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The Swiss knife Swiza D03, KNI.0030 is a useful device that can be recommended to literally every tourist, motorist and traveler. It will not be superfluous for a city dweller either, as the developers have included in the model only those tools that can be useful in everyday life. The knife includes 11 attachments:

A blade with a perfectly polished surface in the form of a drop point. The length of the blade is 75 mm and the width is 15 mm. This size is sufficient for ordinary cutting, as well as primary economic needs. 440C steel with a high carbon and chromium content is used to make the blade. The material is alloyed with molybdenum and vanadium, has a balanced composition to maintain its performance under the influence of environmental factors;

Corkscrew for 5 turns;

An awl with a hole, it's a hole punch. It can be used as a large needle capable of piercing even the skin;



Two flat screwdrivers located at the ends of the can opener and can opener;

Tool for removing insulation;

Tweezers with beveled ends, practical when pulling out the slivers;

Safety Lock. Ensures safe use of the knife and completely prevents the blade from folding on the finger. To open the knife, you need to press the button hidden under the cross on the handle of the knife. And only after that, opening the blade becomes available. Similarly, to assemble the blade, you need to press this button again and only then assemble the blade.

The handle of the pocket knife Swiza D03, KNI.0030 is anatomically shaped, it literally fits in the palm of your hand and does not slip. This is greatly facilitated by the use of Soft touch rubberized polymer. It is perfectly colored and shaped. Maintains its appearance for a long time with frequent use, including in extreme situations.

Cleaning the knife will not cause inconvenience and does not require special skills. Model Swiza D03, KNI.0030 can be washed under running water, as well as washed in a dishwasher up to a temperature of 80 degrees.

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