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Swiss knife Swiza D01, KNI.0010.1000 - a simple and bright knife that includes only those functions that can be useful every day. This is exactly the model that fits into the company's scenario for the production of new products. Nothing extra, only what is necessary. This applies not only to the presence of additional devices, but also to the quantity and quality of decorative elements.

The tools in the Swiza D01 folding knife include:

A blade with a perfectly polished surface. It is 75 mm long and 15 mm wide. This is the optimal size for ordinary cutting and primary household work. The steel of manufacture is 440C, with a high carbon content and a hardness of up to 57 units on the Rockwell scale. The blade is sharpened with an even sharpening and retains the sharpness of the cutting edge for a long time even under long-term loads;

Corkscrew for 5 turns;

Tweezers. It has beveled ends for optimal convenience when pulling out the slivers;

Safety Lock. Ensures safe use and prevents folding of the blade on the hands. Thanks to it, the knife opens only by pressing the cross located on the handle. It has a hidden secret button. In the same way, to fold the blade back inside the handle, you should press the same cross and only then smoothly close the blade.

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