Swiza C04


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Swiss Swiza C04, KNI.0040.2050 add bright colors to the image and help with the royal numerical order. Retailers did not come to the conclusion of the need to complete the Swiss knife, including the necessary tools and tools. The number of devices of the Swiza C04, KNI.0040.2050 model includes:

• Blade with perfectly polished surface. The length of the blade is 75 mm and the width is 15 mm. This size is sufficient for the execution of everyday tasks and the immediate needs of the ruler. For the production of wood, 440 C steel is used, with a high percentage of chromium and carbon. This hard and reliable material is extremely resistant to corrosion, has an excellent hardness of up to 57 on the Rockwell scale, and is also flexible enough to withstand mechanical stress;

• Phillips twist;

• Shilo, there is a dirokol with a gate. You can use it to pierce the skin;

• Canning bottom;

• Vidkrivachka;

• Flat screw - 2 pcs, located at the ends of the can opener and the screwdriver;

• Tool for removing insulation;

• Tweezers with beveled ends;

• Completely secure Safety Lock, which protects the folded blades on your finger. To open the blade, you first need to press the button under the Swiss cross on the handle of the knife, and then carefully remove the blade. And there is also a gate fold.

Folding knife
Pad/handle material
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