Shotgun Hatsan Escort PS SVP SVP


  • Brands Hatsan
  • Product Code: 1448.00.92
  • Availability: In Stock

Semi-automatic shotgun Hatsan Escort PS SVP cal. 12/76, is a modern incarnation of a hunting rifle with an affordable price and proper quality. Many users have already felt and left a lot of positive feedback about the quality of Turkish Hatsan guns.

This weapon already uses all the innovations and innovations of a modern gun. Also, it already uses its own developments. For example, the Smart Valve Piston system, which allows you to use various types of cartridges and automatically adjust the gas pressure. Reduces gun wear.

Shotgun Hatsan Escort PS SVP cal. 12/76 has another innovation, it is the "Fast loading system" system that sends the cartridge into the chamber automatically. Stocks are made of Turkish walnut or durable plastic. Triopad shock absorber reduces recoil when shooting from a gun

And of course, the appearance, which pleasantly pleases both the eye and the hands in which this product lies.

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