Shotgun Hatsan BTS 12 cal. 12/76 56 cm Black


  • Brands Hatsan
  • Product Code: 1448.06.71
  • Availability: In Stock

The Hatsan BTS 12 is a smoothbore semi-automatic shotgun in a bullpup layout. This arrangement allows you to reduce the size of the weapon, as well as shift the balance from the barrel closer to the butt.

The reloading of weapons is carried out thanks to the gas exhaust system. One of the features of this model is the ability to move the cocking handle to the right or left side.

There is a fuse and shutter delay.

The receiver is made of aluminum alloy, and the handguard, buttstock and lower receiver are made of plastic, thanks to which it was possible to reduce the total weight of the product to 3.6 kg.

The gun has a modular design, thanks to which it can be easily disassembled for cleaning and maintenance.

The upper part of the forearm is supplemented with a Weaver/Picatinny rail, on which, if necessary, sights can be mounted. The forearm also has side rails for mounting a variety of accessories.

The butt has the ability to adjust the cheek pad (cheek) in height, there is a slot for installing a quick-release QD swivel.

For convenience during transportation, the gun is supplemented with a handle with an integrated diopter and a front sight.

The gun comes in a handy case along with 3 magazines: 2, 5 and 10 rounds and a set of chokes.

This gun is equally well suited for tactical and law enforcement tasks, as well as for hunting purposes.

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