Shotgun ATA ARMS NEO12 Stream plastic cal. 12/76. Barrel - 71 cm


  • Brands Ata Arms
  • Product Code: 2314.04.64
  • Availability: In Stock

Sighting devices of an open type allow the shooter to perform instant aiming. There is an effective breech block that absorbs the feeling of recoil, so the accuracy of shooting is improved. The pistol-type handle significantly increases the level of comfort when shooting and controlling the weapon during holding. The butt and butt are made of high-quality plastic, based on which the weapon is distinguished by increased tolerance to damage and durability. An additional plus of this gun is a fairly simple and at the same time practical layout of the main components, which affects the increase in the period of use of the weapon, as well as facilitates maintenance. There is a ventilated aiming bar, as a result of which instant aiming, cooling of the barrel during shooting and balancing of the weapon are guaranteed. The bed is made not just of plastic, but with a Soft Touch coating. A similar coating can often be found on more expensive Italian rifles. The inertial recharging system is an order of magnitude cleaner than the gas discharge system. The shooter will only need to take care of the barrel and, if necessary, the bolt group. And this significantly saves time and makes using the weapon more comfortable. The material for creating the receiver is strong steel, thus ensuring an excellent level of reliability of working out the mechanism and reliable functioning.

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