Shotgun ATA ARMS NEO12 Stream


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    The NEO is a state-of-the-art inertial semi-automatic shotgun that, combined with ATA's extensive experience, creates a shotgun that performs as well as it looks.

     The Neo inertia system is simple and consists of only three main parts: the bolt body, the inertia spring and the rotating bolt face. With significantly reduced mass of parts, the inertial system can work faster. Gas, burnt powder and other residues remain in the barrel, where they should be, and are not directed into the mechanism, as in a gas system. Strong steel locking protrusions of the rotary face of the shutter of the inertial system ensure the tightest closing between the shutter and the barrel. The rotating protrusions of the bolt head not only lock the steel with the steel in the barrel, but lock even more tightly during the impact.

     Because the inertial system is much cleaner when running, cleaning the NEO takes a fraction of the time of cleaning a gas rifle. The inertial system is not only incredibly simple, but also light in weight; this allows NEO shotguns to be among the lightest semi-automatic shotguns ever produced.


Sighting devices of an open type allow the shooter to perform instant aiming.

There is an effective breech block that absorbs the feeling of recoil, so the accuracy of shooting is improved.

The pistol-type handle significantly increases the level of comfort when shooting and controlling the weapon during holding.

The butt and butt are made of high-quality plastic, based on which the weapon is distinguished by increased tolerance to damage and durability.

The bed is made not just of plastic, but with a Soft Touch coating. A similar coating can often be found on more expensive Italian rifles.

The material for creating the receiver is strong steel, thus ensuring an excellent level of reliability of working out the mechanism and reliable functioning.

Smoothbore gun
Model Ata Arms Neo12
Gauge 12
Smoothbore weapons Semi-automatic
Reload system Inertial
Stock Soft Touch
Additional Information Cardboard box
Weight 3,13 kg
Number of rounds 4+1
Magazine tubular
Sights Ventilated bar 8 mm with fly
Equipment Instruction manual (1), Key for chokes (1), Choke (4), Gasket for changing the angle of inclination of the butt (4), Extender of the butt (1), Self-tapping screw (2), Choke installed (1), Gun belt ( 1
Overall length, cm 125 cm
Barrel length, cm 71 cm
Country of origin Turkey

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