Rifle Ata Arms NEO20 Walnut cal. 20/76. Barrel - 71 cm


  • Brands Ata Arms
  • Product Code: Kom_04
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Model semi-automatic shotgun Ata Arms NEO20 Walnut cal. 20/76 is a perfect example of the combination of high technology and good looks. The Turkish manufacturer Ata Arms, in the manufacture of this gun, used components made in Italy, which are of high quality. In Ata Arms NEO20 Walnut cal. 20/76 also introduced an innovative reloading system based on the use of the kinetic energy of the shot. Due to this, the toss of the gun is reduced and accuracy is increased. In addition, the gun is distinguished by a winning combination of black and walnut. The outer surfaces of the metal are treated with a special coating that reduces the likelihood of damage. The open sights (ventilated rib 8 mm with front sight) significantly improve the user's shooting experience, characterized by a minimum of time required to aim. Caring for this weapon is easy, which is, among other things, the result of using a durable and high-quality inertial reloading system that allows you to spend a minimum amount of resources and time cleaning internal components. Shotguns from the Turkish company Ata Arms are to a certain extent a special proportion of really good quality and favorable prices, which allows them to effectively compete with the same Italian and American weapons. The stock is made of durable wood, thanks to which the gun looks very presentable. At the same time, this model is also interesting for its maximum ease of operation, which is based on design features, as well as on high build quality. It is important to emphasize the excellent ergonomics of the weapon, which greatly improves the comfort of use when shooting.

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