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This special tool is a processing of combat PM. For self-defense, a special tool is used - a traumatic pistol PM-RF, which is unable to cause serious harm to human health. The special vehicle cannot fire live ammunition due to its design. Instead, a cartridge containing a rubber ball is used. As a result, serious injuries are almost completely ruled out. All traumatic versions of the Makarov pistol are made in Ukraine.

The design of the traumatic pistol PM-RF

Automation of the PM-RF works exclusively due to the recoil of the shutter. The pistol has a return spring, which is put on the barrel. This is necessary to reload the cartridge after the shot. The shutter is closed due to its weight and the force of the return spring. The diameter of the barrel is reduced to 5.4-5.6 mm depending on the product and the year of its processing. This is done so that the PM works with weak certified ammunition.

Trigger (trigger mechanism) double action with open trigger. Special means PM-RF is a semi-automatic product.

The fuse is located on the left side of the rear under the shutter. When the fuse is blocked, the drummer himself, who pulls the trigger from the combat platoon. After removing the pistol from the fuse, you can shoot both a trigger and a self-cocking.

There are open sighting devices on the PM. The special tool has a store that holds 8 rounds. Shop, flat, single-row, box is in the handle. After the user fires all the ammunition from the magazine, the shutter is in the back position (shutter delay). To remove the delayed shutter, lower the check box on the left under the shutter. Corrugated plastic cheeks are worn on the handle.

Due to its recognisability, the PM-RF is effective due to the psychological effect "similar to combat". One of the advantages of the special tool is its small size, reliability and ease of use.

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