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A modern universal tool from the Active Knives&Tools brand. The main difference from other multitools is the price-quality ratio.

Thanks to its ergonomic shape, the multitool fits perfectly in the hand and does not slip during work. The material of the handle is aluminum.

The multitool is equipped with all the necessary tools that may be needed, both in everyday life and during recreation or tourism.

A distinctive feature of the Firetool model is its increased set of tools. In addition to the usual tools, there is also a set of bits with various nozzles.


1. Tongs with nippers.

2. Knife (steel - 420).

3. Armchair.

4. A large flat screwdriver.

5. Small flat screwdriver.

6. Phillips screwdriver.

7. Bottle opener.

8. Stroporiz.

9. File.

10. Scissors.

11. 3 mm hexagon bit.

12. 4 mm hexagon bit.

13. 5 mm hexagon bit.

14. Bit small flat screwdriver.

15. Bit medium flat screwdriver.

16. Bit large flat screwdriver.

17. The bit is a small cross-shaped screwdriver.

18. Bit medium Phillips screwdriver.

19. Bit large cross-shaped screwdriver.

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Blade length, mm
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