Morakniv Basic 511 knife


  • Brands Morakniv
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Universal knife MORA 511 for tourism, use as a working knife. Suitable for almost any job, from cutting food to heavy travel tasks. The knife belongs to the MORA AllRound series of working knives and was designed as a multi-purpose knife.

The comfortable knife handle is made of durable plastic and has a finger rest. This allows you to confidently hold the knife even with gloves. The protective protrusion will prevent your palm from sliding along the knife and cutting your fingers.

High-quality carbon steel holds an edge perfectly, but requires at least minimal care to maintain maximum “sharpness” and the appearance of the knife.

A knife with a fixed blade
Pad/handle material
Total length, mm
Blade length, mm
Country of Origin
Blade thickness, mm
Steel hardness, HRC
Steel grade/Blade material
Type of cutting edge
Type of knife

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