Lanyard Victorinox Lanyard red and black 4.1824.1


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A small, bright and useful little thing that you will definitely like. It seems that it has a more decorative purpose, but it is not quite so. The lanyard adds ease of use, increases the maneuverability of the knife. In addition, it adds individuality. And if you combine it with colored toothpicks-tweezers, you can make the knife special.


the perfect accessory for pocket knives

has the Victorinox logo

made in Switzerland

A strong nylon cord will help to securely fix and hold the knife. And if at first the lanyard was used to make it easier to hold the knife in the hand, now it has a more decorative function. Although, even such a small lanyard will help to easily and conveniently get the knife out of the pocket, it will make it much easier to pull the knife out of the case or just please the eye.

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