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Black is mysterious and mysterious, refined and noble. He is able to emphasize temperament and passion, mystery and strength. And if you don't know what to choose, then black will be the easiest solution. The Victorinox Spartan knife with a black handle has a strict and refined look and will be an amazing and luxurious gift.


a knife that has 12 functions

light and compact

a corkscrew and a can opener with a small screwdriver

The Victorinox Spartan knife has a basic set of tools: a large and small blade, a can opener or wire stripper, a screwdriver, toothpicks, tweezers and a corkscrew. Attracts with its size, weight and functionality. It is ideal as an EDC knife - for everyday wear, which is used regularly, and the need for its use may arise both in everyday household situations and in various non-standard and extreme situations.

List of functions - 12:

big blade

small blade


canning knife

with a small flat screwdriver of 3 mm

bottle opener

with a large 6 mm flat screwdriver

with a tool for removing the insulation

an awl with a sweep and a sewing hole

ring for suspension or lanyard



If desired, the knife can be supplemented with small and useful trinkets: a pin, a lanyard and a screwdriver. There is a place for the pin in the pads next to the corkscrew, the shape of the screwdriver is perfectly located and stored in the corkscrew, these things can increase the functionality of the knife.

Blade material: high-quality stainless steel

Handle material: Celidore

Handle color: black

Size: 91 x 26 x 14 mm

Weight: 59 g

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