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The Swiza D02 comes with the following 6 tools:

perfectly polished durable stainless steel blade 75 mm long (440C \ 57 HRC);

54 HRC stainless steel #1 Phillips screwdriver;

an awl with a sewing eye / hole punch, allowing you to pierce leather and many other durable materials;

tweezers with beveled ends for high precision when removing splinters and thorns;

Safety Lock, locking the blade in the open position and preventing it from folding on the fingers.

The SWIZA folding knife is a modern take on a Swiss classic. The SWIZA brand stands for convenience and practicality in everyday use, combined with authentic Swiss style, and is aimed at people with a dynamic lifestyle.

SWIZA is the most comfortable, stylish and easy to use Swiss Army Knife, because it combines only those functions that you may need on a daily basis. The knives are made of 440C stainless steel, hardened to 57 HRC. Such indicators are optimal for daily use and easy sharpening.

Swiza folding multipurpose knives have a number of unique features.

Ergonomic curved shape and soft non-slip handle made of matte rubberized Soft touch polymer make it more comfortable to hold and operate. These knives really stand out from other Swiss knives.

Swiza knives are safe. The Safety Lock, built into the Swiss cross on the handle, is activated by pressing a button hidden in it. A securely fixed liner will prevent the blade from folding over your fingers. Open the blade and enjoy a great safe cut. In order to close the knife, it is necessary to clamp the cross and smoothly hide the blade in the handle. Unlike other knives, you just need to hold down the button, and not move the liner itself inside the handle.

Swiza tools have convenient slots that allow both right-handed and left-handed people to easily get them out of the handle. In addition, they allow you to save nails, which is so important for the fair sex.

Swize knives are easy to care for: you can wash them both under running water and in the dishwasher in water up to 80 degrees, but try to place the knife in the machine separately from the rest of the dirty dishes. Be sure to dry each tool after washing.

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