Knife Skif Plus Fluent Blue


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The SKIF Plus Wavy multitool is a small but extremely useful tool that will be relevant in almost any situation. The set of tools in this small multitool varies from a saw to a screwdriver, despite the fact that the dimensions of the multitool are only 96 mm in length with a weight of 114 grams. The pads on the handles are made of anodized aluminum alloy and are supplemented with plastic inserts.

The set of tools includes:

- Blade.

- Scissors.

- Can opener.

- Bottle opener.

- Large flat screwdriver.

- Saw.

- Fish cleaning.

- Tool for removing the hook.

- Phillips screwdriver.

- Corkscrew.

- Shiloh.

- A tool for cleaning nails.

- Nail file.

- Icebreaker.

- Key ring.

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