Knife CRKT M16-03BS Bronze/Silver


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Folding knife CRKT M16-03 Spear Point is able to perform almost any job in everyday life. The design of the knife is stylized as a modern firearm - the M16 rifle, which emphasizes the penetrating capabilities and durability of the knife.

The Spear point profile blade has a diamond-shaped section and resembles a spearhead, which gives it excellent penetrating qualities. The blade also does a great job of making neat cuts.

The blade model M16-03BS is made from the popular Swedish-made Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel, which has optimal characteristics for the industrial production of professional products with a high-quality cutting edge. Due to the sufficiently high hardness (57-59 HRC), the edge holds sharpening well. Blade treatment type - Bead Blast (grey anti-reflective coating).

To remove the blade, there is a large knurled peg, similar to the reset button on the M16 rifle magazine. A flipper can also be used to open the knife. The blade is fixed thanks to the classic Frame-Lock lock.

The handle made of 2Cr13 steel (Titanium Nitride treated) is made with a straight back and a slight bend on the abdomen, which makes it convenient to hold the knife with a gloved hand. Round holes are made along the center line, giving the knife a recognizable look. For carrying a knife in a pocket there is a rearranged clip.

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