Air pistol ASG CZ 75 P-07 Duty 4,5 mm


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ASG products are manufactured under licenses from firearms manufacturers Česká Zbrojovka, Steyr Mannlicher, STI, Dan Wesson and others. Therefore, ASG models bear all authentic markings, as well as a unique serial number. The shot is made due to a portion of gas, which is released from a standard CO2 cylinder. The external design of this pistol is completely borrowed from the Czech pistol CZ-75, namely, from its modification CZ 75 P-07 Duty. This tactical variation of the famous pistol had a reshaped bolt-casing made of polymer. In the case of the pneumatic version of the ASG, the casing is still made of metal. Moreover, the design of the pistol allows you to juggle the shutter-casing, simulating the use of a real pistol (there is even a shutter delay function). The barrel has rifling for installing a sound moderator. The Weaver profile integrated under the barrel allows you to install a flashlight or target designator if necessary. The magazine, which is removed by means of a push-button mechanism, serves as a storage place for balls only. To install and fix the CO2 cylinder, a special chamber is provided, located at the back of the handle. ASG pistols of the CZ 75 P-07 Duty model are produced both in the regular version and in the version with simulated reloading (rollback of the shutter-casing when fired) - BLOWBACK. The BLOWBACK function does not affect the flight of the ball at all, while creating the feeling of using a combat pistol.

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