Air pistol SAS MP-40 Metal 4,5 mm


  • Brands SAS
  • Product Code: 2370.30.03
  • Availability: In Stock

SAS pistols fire 4.5mm balls and are intended for purely sporting, training and recreational purposes. At the same time, the body is specially weighted to give the user the feeling of holding a combat pistol in their hands. For the same purpose, the entire model range has the appearance of real-life combat pistols. The SAS S&W MP-40 model is an almost exact copy of the "Military and Police" pistol of the American company Smith & Wesson, which has been mass-produced in America since 2005 and is primarily aimed at law enforcement agencies. A Weaver rail is integrated under the SAS S&W MP-40 barrel, allowing you to equip the model with a flashlight or target designator.

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