Victorinox Fieldmaster Knife


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The knife belongs to Victorinox small-sized models with the most popular complete sets. It includes 12 tools that allow you to implement 15 functions. The main blade has a straight (plain) sharpening, has no fixation and implies two-handed extraction. The bright red handle with a distinctive logo is made of the traditional Victorinox glossy nylon and reaches 91 mm in length. At the same time, the total weight of the knife is 98 g, which allows it to easily fit into any pocket of prudent users.

Feature set - 15:

big blade

small blade

crosshead screwdriver

awl, kerner

multifunctional hook

can opener

with small screwdriver

combination tool with bottle opener with:

flat screwdriver

stripping tool

hanging ring




saw on wood

Material: high quality stainless steel

Color: red

Handle: glossy nylon

Size: 91 × 27 × 22mm

Weight: 124.8 g.

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