SOG Survival Card I

SOG Survival Card I



New Victorinox Angler Red Knife

Victorinox Angler Red Knife


Folding Swiss knife Victorinox Angler with a red handle and a fish logo, designed for fishermen, contains 11 elements that perform 19 functions.Feature set - 19:  * Great blade* Small blade* Tin can opener / flat screwdriver* Corkscrew* Shiloh /..

New Victorinox Fieldmaster Knife

Victorinox Fieldmaster Knife


The knife belongs to Victorinox small-sized models with the most popular complete sets. It includes 12 tools that allow you to implement 15 functions. The main blade has a straight (plain) sharpening, has no fixation and implies two-handed extraction..

New Victorinox Fisherman Knife

Victorinox Fisherman Knife


The perfect knife for real fishing enthusiasts. All the tools you need for fishing, including a fish hook extractor.Feature set - 17:* big blade* small blade* crosshead screwdriver* awl, kerner* multifunctional hook* knife for opening canned food* wi..

New Victorinox Hunter Knife

Victorinox Hunter Knife


The Hunter folding knife is specially designed for hunters and lovers of dangerous travel. It is equipped with all the features you need to survive in the wild. Thanks to a special gutting blade with a rounded end and curved shape, hunters can quickl..

New Victorinox Nomad Knife

Victorinox Nomad Knife


The Victorinox Nomad Swiss folding knife with a matte red handle contains 8 elements with 13 functions.  Feature set - 13:* Large blade with locking system* Tin can opener / flat screwdriver* Bottle opener / flat screwdriver / wire stripper* Lin..

New Victorinox Spartan Knife

Victorinox Spartan Knife


Victorinox Spartan Swiss folding knife with black handle contains 9 elements with 13 functionsFeature set - 13:* Great blade* Small blade* Tin can opener / flat screwdriver* Bottle opener / screwdriver / stripper groove* Shiloh / Kerner* Corkscrew* T..

Мультитул Multi Tool Ganzo G101-H
Мультитул Multi Tool Ganzo G103
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