Fort-9Р .9 mm P.A.


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    Traumatic pistol "Fort-9R" is designed for concealed carrying as a weapon of self-defense for civilians. Feature of the traumatic gun "Fort-9R" is the all-metal frame providing high durability of a design and durability of a product. If you need a compact and reliable self-charger with a high margin of strength that shoots rubber bullets, a traumatic pistol Fort-9R - this is what you need! This pistol has a good density, thanks to its small dimensions (14.5x11.4x2.5 cm, barrel length 7.5 cm) conveniently placed in the hand, invisible in the holster for concealed carrying, and in its absence - in a pocket / handbag.

    Special. device Fort-9R, caliber 9 mm

    The main advantage of the Fort 9 P pistol is compactness. It is the same size as the Fort-10R. The main difference from 10P is the presence of a shutter delay. The pistol grip is a little longer than the 10P. Softer shutter group. Soft descent. The frame is made of blue steel. The pistol has adjustable sights. Compared to the 10P, the pistol is slightly heavier due to the steel body. Equipped with a double-action trigger mechanism, the trigger is hidden. Self-loading traumatic pistol caliber 9 mm weighs 0.52 kg, equipped with a box magazine (7 rounds, location - single-row). The handle is plastic; equipped with sights (entirely and front sight). The use of Fort-9R on live targets at a distance of more than 3.5 m is allowed, it is most effective at a distance of 5-7 m. It can be purchased for persons over 21 years of age with the appropriate permit. Fort-9 "under the cartridge with an elastic ball of cal. 9 mm R.A. Traumatic pistol Fort-9R - one of the best for self-defense!

 Caliber 9 mm P.A .;

Principle of operation Free shutter;

Trigger mechanism Double action only;

Total length, mm 145;

Height, mm 114;

Width, mm 25;

Weight with empty magazine, kg 0.52;

Pulling force on the trigger, kg 5.5;

Store capacity, pcs 7.

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