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Traumatic pistol "Fort-12R" is a non-lethal weapon and is designed for firing traumatic ammunition, equipped with elastic bullets (rubber bullets, bullets). Pistol "Fort-12R" c 1 999 produces KNVO "Fort" of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine (Vinnytsia), an enterprise whose main specialization is the production of firearms and various special equipment for law enforcement officers and other law enforcement agencies. The development of the Fort-12 pistol was based on some modifications of Czech pistols designed at the Ceska Zbrojovka plant in Uhersky Brod. The experience and equipment of the same company CZ were used. Until 2002, barrels for Ukrainian pistols were also purchased in the Czech Republic. Currently, the production of trunks is established at the NGO "Fort". The FORTA trigger mechanism is made on the basis of the triggers of CZ-75 and CZ-83 pistols. FORT's father is, by right, Petro Andriyovych Zayets, the chief designer of Vinnytsia gunsmiths.

Special device Fort-12R, caliber 9 mm

Technical characteristics of the traumatic gun "Fort-12R":

-Caliber 9 mm RA

-Barrel length 95 mm

- Length of the gun is 180 mm

- Height of the gun is 131 mm

- Width of the gun is 32 mm

-Weight of the pistol with shop without cartridges of 0,83 kg

-The weight of the pistol with the equipped shop is 0,90 kg

- Range of effective action of 5-7 meters

-Practical rate of fire 40 postr. / min

-Initial velocity of the bullet 320 m with (maximum, for certified cartridges)

- Capacity of shop, cartridges of 12 pieces.

- Double-action trigger mechanism (SA / DA)

Traumatic pistol "Fort-12R" is made on the basis of the combat version of the pistol "FORT-12" and completely (except for the pads on the handle) is made of high quality steel, which provides it with a large margin of safety.

Traumatic pistols
Модель: Форт 12Р
Калибр: 9 мм
Материал рамки: Сталь
Длина/ Габариты: 95 мм 180х131х32 мм
Вес, г: 830 гр
Количество патронов: 13
Прицельные приспособления: Целик и мушка
Комплектация: инструкция (1), Шомпол (1)

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