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The compact and reliable GrandPower TQ1 UXOR traumatic pistol is a completely unique model today, which is the world's first traumatic "striker" (striker pistol) and therefore will probably be very popular. Especially since the weapon has a number of characteristics that make it an extremely profitable purchase. The manufacturer guarantees a shot of at least 100 thousand shots, while firing the gun can easily withstand pressures up to 300 J - a great figure for this class of weapon. Despite this power, the compact size makes it very comfortable to wear.

The small and ergonomic handle provides a store with a capacity of 12 rounds, but it is possible to use an enlarged 20-seat store. Structurally, the GrandPower TQ1 UXOR is made in a reliable system that has proven its effectiveness, similar to Glock pistols. There is no side flag, and the fuse in the form of a central "pedal" is located on the hook, so you can activate the combat position of the gun as easily and quickly. In practice, the weapon shows without exaggeration the highest strength, not least due to the excellent quality of materials used and assembly. The shutter is made of a single piece of high-quality armed steel with subsequent carbonitriding, just as securely made and the barrel.

The design of sending a cartridge into the chamber, typical of percussion pistols, makes this model extremely convenient in a situation where you need to prepare the weapon as quickly as possible and make a shot. Typically traumatic pistol GrandPower TQ1 UXOR is equipped with a medium-height front sight. At the same time in a set there are low and high front sight so that any user will be able to adjust the gun to the individual features of aiming.

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