Device Vii-19 cal. 9 mm. Black


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We present the "hottest" novelty on the market of traumatic weapons - special device Viy 19!

Many gun lovers will immediately recognize the features of the well-known Beretta 84 FS pistol in this copy, and they will be absolutely right. Indeed, the Vii 19 is structurally based on the Brazilian Taurus PT58 pistol, which is a clone of the Beretta 84. In the mid-70s, Beretta built a factory in Brazil to fulfill a contract to re-arm the Brazilian army with the Beretta 92 pistol. After the contract was completed, Beretta sold the factory to Taurus, which now is one of the largest arms manufacturers in the world.

Adaptation to traumatic ammunition made minimal changes to the design. The shutter is also made of steel, and the frame is made of light alloy. In fact, only the barrel has been changed. A double-sided flag fuse with a decocker is provided, which is used to safely release the trigger from the combat platoon. USM single-double action (SA/DA). The capacity of the steel magazine is 15 cartridges.

Viy 19 is characterized by high reliability, excellent balance and good accuracy of shooting. Colored markings on the rear sight and front sight help in aiming. During resource tests, the special device successfully passed the test for 3,500 rounds of "VII" 9 mm P.A. cartridges. , with 1800 shots fired without any cleaning.

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