• Danner Melee 6" GTX® Uniform Boots

Danner Melee 6" GTX® Uniform Boots


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Melee 6" GTX® Uniform Boots by Danner. Light, durable, waterproof and reliable boots with a GORE-TEX® membrane. The boots are mainly intended for special forces, but are also ideal for hunting and outdoor activities. About the strength and reliability of the boot we are told by their main purpose - special forces, power structures and army special forces.So, wherever you are, in the forest or on the open plain, your feet will remain in a comfortable condition throughout the day.

- made of durable and high-quality leather

- GORE-TEX® waterproof membrane - will ensure dryness, air exchange and waterproofness. Your feet will always remain dry

- reliable fixation of the ankle

- EVA platform – installed for stabilization and cushioning under active loads in various conditions

- built-in integral ESS plate provides additional stability

- the heel is reinforced with a special insert for cushioning when walking and running on an uneven surface

- reinforced bowl

- fast and convenient lacing

- high-tech sole with Vibram® damping - a combination of aggressive and high teeth with a wide surface provides good grip and stability, and the midsole provides foot support, shock absorption and comfort. Excellent grip, both on dry and wet surfaces. The non-slip properties of the sole are preserved in different temperature regimes - both in heat and cold. Increased wear resistance of the sole. The absence of catches in the middle of the sole allows the foot to bend naturally. The self-cleaning protector will eliminate the accumulation of dirt on the sole

- weight: 1191 grams

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