Combined shotgun Izh-94 223 12/76, 600mm, walnut


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The combined shotgun IZH-94 fully, in terms of shooting characteristics, meets the current market demands, and given the price, it will be an absolutely good purchase. The key advantages of the IZH-94 combined shotgun are the following: the upper barrel is smooth, and the lower barrel is rifled, designed to work with a number of different calibers. At the same time, the procedure for replacing barrels is extremely simple and does not require any special knowledge of any effort from the user, the procedure itself takes several minutes. As a result, this gun will undoubtedly be an excellent option for both beginners in hunting and sporting weapons, and for professional connoisseurs. An important characteristic of the weapon can be called excellent balancing. The weight distribution is optimal in order to quickly control the weapon and show high-precision firing. The barrels are located vertically, which means a good view when shooting. Plus, verticals work very well in sports shooting. The example is equipped with a slap, it to a certain extent compensates for the recoil that occurs during the shot. As a result, the accuracy and accuracy of firing is improved. This model has excellent fit. That is, the weapon during aiming and holding will be very convenient, and the user can fully concentrate on accurate shooting. The material for creating the shutter box is durable steel, this causes an excellent level of reliability of the mechanism and functioning without failures. The barrel length is 60 cm. This barrel length is considered optimal for most types of hunting, because it will be appropriate both for hunting in the thicket, when you need to make a quick shot from a short distance, and in the context of accurate aimed shooting.

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