Collimator sight KONUS SIGHT-PRO FISSION 2.0


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The Konus SIGHT-PRO Fission 2.0 ultra-compact open-type collimator is designed for use with both light handguns and shotguns. It is mounted on a Weaver/Picatinny rail, and with the included adapter, it can also be mounted on a dovetail. Allows the possibility of mounting on the side bar.

The main advantage of this model is its low weight: the installation of a 50-gram sight does not make noticeable changes to the balance of the weapon.

The collimator projects a 4 MOA RedDOT aiming dot onto the lens. The selection of the intensity of red color (5 levels) is carried out by pressing the button. It protrudes only 1.5 mm above the surface of the case, but the relief embossing of the rubber surface allows you to press the button without removing your gloves.

The backlight control scheme implemented in the device allows you to save battery charge.

The Konus SIGHT-PRO Fission 2.0 package includes a plastic casing in which the collimator fits completely. This small detail will protect the scope from dirt and dust in extreme conditions.

Collimator sight
Model Fission 2.0
Weight, g 50
The price of division of amendments
Country of Origin
Lens, mm 17 x 23
Type of power cells
Field of vision, m 38.3
Fastening type Weaver/Picatinny
Impact resistance, J

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