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The Sova HD-26 collimator sight is a closed type of optical sight used for shooting at close and medium distances. It consists of a body, a lens, a lens that forms an image, and a pixel that projects a point onto the lens. A pixel is usually red or green in color, and its brightness can be adjusted depending on the lighting conditions.

Advantages of the Sova HD-26 collimator sight:

Fast aiming: due to its design and large viewing angle, the sight can be quickly and easily adjusted to the target. This is especially useful when shooting at moving targets or when shooting at short ranges.

Ease of use: Owl HD-26 does not require special skills or knowledge to set up and use. The sight can be easily mounted on any flat surface and can be quickly and easily transferred from one weapon to another.

Reliability: The sight has a strong construction and is resistant to vibrations and shocks, which allows it to maintain accuracy even under heavy use. The closed body of the scope protects it from water, dust and other external influences.

High accuracy: thanks to the use of laser technology and high-quality materials, the sight provides high accuracy when shooting at close and medium distances.

Easy to transport: the scope is light and compact, which allows you to easily carry it in a bag or backpack during transport.

Availability of different modes of operation: the scope can work in different modes, including dot, circle and cross, which allows you to choose the most convenient mode for each specific situation.

Low power consumption: The scope consumes very little power, allowing it to run longer on a single battery.

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