Collimator sight KONUS NUCLEAR-QR 1x22


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The KONUS NUCLEAR-QR 1x22 is an affordable 22mm high/low mount closed type collimator sight. The model has a green/red illumination of the aiming point with five levels of brightness. The collimator is installed on a Weaver/Picatinny rail with the possibility of quick installation: the design includes a Quick Detach type clamp. The clamping level can be adjusted with the adjusting nut. The body is made of aluminum with a semi-gloss black finish.

The KONUS NUCLEAR-QR 1x22 collimator is attractive with a universal rotary disc that controls the backlight and is also a battery compartment. Such a disk is convenient to control even if you use gloves while shooting. You don't need a special tool to change the battery. There is a large groove on the cap that can fit a regular coin. Replacing the battery is absolutely easy in normal, field conditions. Mechanisms of vertical and horizontal corrections are covered with screw-on caps with screwdrivers.

A high and low mount is included in the package, which greatly increases compatibility with various types of weapons. Important: You will need a Phillips screwdriver (not included) to replace. The low mounting comes without a clip for quick removal, and is tightened on the bar with a hexagon. The kit also includes a CR2032 battery, protective caps for the optics, and a wipe for cleaning the optics.

Design features:

Red/green illumination of the aiming point

2 types of fasteners included

Quick Detach quick-detach fastening

5 levels of backlight brightness

Mounts on Weaver/Picatinny

A common CR2032 power supply

Collimator sight
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