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SOVA 558 collimator sight is an open-type optical sight used for quick targeted and survey shooting at close distances. It is a small sight that can be easily mounted on the weapon using a special bar compatible with the SOVA 558. The main advantage of collimator sights is their ability to quickly aim at the target, which is especially important in a rapidly changing combat environment. They also provide the user with maximum field of view, allowing them to quickly switch between targets.

The SOVA 558 collimator sight is very light and compact, which makes it ideal for use on light rifles, pistols and other weapon systems. It also has a durable construction that protects it from shocks, dust and moisture.

The SOVA 558 collimator sight is widely used by law enforcement agencies and security services. It is a reliable and durable sight that will help you quickly and accurately aim at the target in combat conditions.

An open-type collimator sight is one of the most effective optical sights used for aiming at medium and long range shooting. It allows the shooter to quickly and accurately aim at the target, ensuring high accuracy of shooting. In this article, we will look at what an open-type collimator sight is, how it works, and what advantages it provides in shooting.

The SOVA 558 collimator sight is an optical sight that uses a special laser diode to create a dot on the sight lens. It is an open design, in which the sight lenses are located at a certain distance from each other, and do not have a protective cover, which facilitates and speeds up the aiming process.

How does it work?

When the shooter takes aim through the scope, a laser diode directs a laser beam onto the scope lens. This beam is reflected on the sight glass, creating a dot on the aiming line. As the shooter moves his weapon, the dot on the aiming line also moves, allowing the shooter to easily set the aiming point on the target.


Fast aiming: The SOVA 558 collimator sight allows you to quickly and easily aim at the target, reducing the time spent on aiming and increasing the accuracy of shooting.

Versatility: Can be used on a variety of weapons from rifles to pistols due to its versatility and ease of installation.

Suitable for shooting in difficult conditions: Suitable for shooting in difficult conditions such as low light, fog or rain. It does not have a problem with parallax, which makes the sight more accurate and reliable when shooting in any conditions.

Lightness and compactness: Can be easily mounted on the weapon without taking up much space or adding significant weight.

High Accuracy: The open-type collimator sight provides high aiming accuracy, making it an ideal choice for sports shooting and hunting.

In conclusion, the open-type collimator scope is an excellent choice for shooters of all experience levels. It provides fast and accurate aiming, ease of use and ease of training, making it an ideal choice for sport shooting, hunting and personal protection.

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