Cold Steel FGX Wasp training knife


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The FGX Wasp model is in some ways a copy of the full-size and serious Drop Forged Wasp knife. Made of ultra-strong Griv-Ex material, the FGX Wasp is called a training knife quite conventionally - according to the manufacturer, the cutting properties of the sereitor edge are enough for effective work with some "soft objects", and it has almost not lost the prickly properties of the original. At the same time, the knife is much lighter than the prototype.

The handle deserves a special mention - the Kraton was molded directly onto the "blade" from Griv-Ex, so there are simply no connecting elements in the form of screws or rivets.

A knife with a fixed blade
Pad/handle material
Total length, mm
Blade length, mm
Country of Origin
Blade thickness, mm
Steel grade/Blade material
Type of cutting edge
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