Cartridge D Duplex Monolit 28. 12 gauge


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D Dupleks Monolit 28 is a fast bullet for shooting at long distances. The body of the ball is made of steel, supplemented with an anti-corrosion zinc coating. Recoil when shooting is short and barely perceptible, which allows you to aim quickly and accurately for the next shot. The bullet is suitable for use in semi-automatic rifles. It is very resistant to ricochet and perfectly overcomes bushes, branches and thickets with thick grass. When breaking through obstacles, the bullet keeps its initial direction of flight well. Getting into the body of the game, the bullet provides a strong stopping effect. It does not destroy at the point of impact, and therefore does not contaminate game meat with small fragments.

Main advantages:

- Does not contain lead.

- Accurate combat at long distances.

- Minimal friction in the bore.

- Saves the trajectory after hitting an obstacle.

- Low return.

- Reduced probability of ricochet.

- Strong stops the action.

- The best fight is with a 1 mm choke.

Smooth-bore cartridges
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