Beneks operational holster for Flaubert revolvers 3" (molded)


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The design of this model implies two main wearing options:

1. Shoulder version, in which the holster is suspended from the side under the arm due to a system of adjustable belt straps. At the same time, to improve fixation, it is additionally fastened to the trouser belt with a removable belt loop that can be adjusted in height.

2. If shoulder carry is not preferred, you can wear the holster on your trouser belt. It is recommended to use a belt with a width of no more than 50 mm.

The product is specially molded to the contours of the revolver, exactly follows the contours of the pistol, fits securely around it, preventing the weapon from jamming when quickly drawn. Placing a weapon in a holster, thanks to its design, also does not pose the slightest problem.

The holster is made of thick, high-quality genuine leather, and therefore is durable, wear-resistant, and does not lose its shape during use. The straps of the suspension system are also made of high-quality leather straps and do not stretch under the influence of weight and time.

Thanks to the possibility of adjustment, the entire system as a whole does not hinder the shooter’s movements.

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