Barrel cleaning foam Recoil (400 ml)


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It is used to clean the barrel from copper deposits, powder carbon deposits, partially dissolves the remains of brass and lead. The dense consistency of the foam allows it to stay on the surface reliably and for a long time without damaging the barrel bore.

Application: shake the can.

1. Insert the nozzle from the chamber side and press the valve until the foam comes out of the muzzle, while tilting the barrel down. Remove excess foam. Do not allow foam to get into the shutter mechanisms and trigger.

2. Plug the barrel with a patch on both sides, and leave in a horizontal position for 20-30 minutes.

3. Clean the barrel by pushing in a few dry patches.

4. In case of heavy contamination, repeat the process with holding for up to 60 minutes. The result of a reaction to copper residues is the appearance of a blue or blue color of the foam and patch.

5. After cleaning, neutralize the remaining foam with Recoil degreaser and lubricate the barrel with Recoil synthetic gun oil.

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