• Beeman Longhorn Air Rifle

Beeman Longhorn Air Rifle


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The Beeman Longhorn air rifle is a time-tested model that is ideal for recreational shooting. This model has been a top seller for more than a year due to its ergonomics, power (magnum class rifle), shooting accuracy and attractive price.

Thanks to the use of impact-resistant plastic in the design of the stock and butt, the rifle is not afraid of sudden temperature changes, high humidity and is less prone to chips and cracks than wooden stocks. A feature of this stock is the through design of the stock with a handle, which makes the rifle more convenient. It is complemented by notches on the handle, which ensure a reliable hold even with a wet hand or wearing gloves.

Also, in the Beeman Longhorn rifle, the shock-trigger mechanism can be adjusted for stroke length and trigger force.

There is also an automatic fuse.

Sighting devices are presented with a sight and a front sight. The sight is not adjustable. The front sight of the rifle is protected by a ring and has fiberglass fibers that facilitate aiming in low light conditions.

The receiver has a dovetail mount on which you can mount a variety of sights. In order for shooting from the optical sight to be stable, a stopper is installed on the receiver, which blocks the descent of the mount with the sight, which occurs due to recoil.

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