Air pistol SAS Makarov Blowback BB cal. 4.5 mm. Body - metal


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SAS Makarov Blowback BB is practically a copy of the famous Makarov pistol. This is a lowback pistol that works with CO2 cylinders and simulates realistic recoil, providing an exciting shooting experience. Unlike simpler one-piece models of air pistols, in the Makarov Blowback version, the bolt moves during the shot, simultaneously performing the cocking of the trigger.

The SAS Makarov pistol is intended for sports and training purposes, belongs to the gas cylinder pneumatic weapons and is not a small-arms weapon.

The body is made of metal with plastic inserts on the handle. The weight of the pistol is specially increased to simulate the feeling of handling a real Makarov pistol. The design elements are operational (fuse, operating delay of the shutter). The first shot is fired after the trigger is cocked.

The SAS air pistol is loaded with 4.5 mm (.177) steel balls. The magazine holds 15 balls. The power of carbon dioxide (CO2) is used for shooting, thanks to which the speed of the ball reaches 92 meters per second. The gas cylinder is placed in a special cell in the store.

Do not forget that although 4.5 mm air pistols are sold without permits, they still pose a health hazard to people and animals!

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