• Air gun EKOL ES 55

Air gun EKOL ES 55


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The Ekol ES 55 air pistol is manufactured by Voltran. The Turkish manufacturer is widely known for its noise pistols, air rifles, and most importantly Flaubert revolvers.

The ES55 pistol has average dimensions of 172x135x36 mm, but a fairly large weight of 1.025 kg due to the materials used; the body and bolt carrier are made of a metal alloy. At the same time, due to the excellent balancing of the design, such a high mass does not cause discomfort when shooting. With its shape and tactility, this air pistol resembles a traumatic or military weapon.

The trigger of the double-action pistol allows you to shoot both with pre-cocking and self-cocking.

Precision shooting is achieved due to the presence of a rear sight and front sight. The ball's flight speed is 125 m/s.

The pistol uses 12 gram cartridges of CO2 gas. The cylinder is installed in the magazine and securely fixed with a clamping screw using a hex key (included). The magazine capacity is 14 BB balls of 4.5 mm caliber.

There is no safety in this model; a double-sided lever located on the body of the pistol allows you to safely remove the pistol from the firing trigger.

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